Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program
Criteria for Evaluating Proposals to Secure Tributary Water

GOAL:  To increase tributary flows for the primary benefit of ESA listed fish and other depressed fish stocks in accordance with Action 151 from the 2000 NMFS Biological Opinion and Implementation Provision A.8 of the Councilís Fish and Wildlife Program.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), the regional entity for the Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program (CBWTP), will evaluate and prioritize water transaction proposals for funding by BPA based on the extent to which the proposals submitted by the Qualified Local Entities (QLEs) satisfy the following criteria. To qualify for funding, a proposal need not meet all the criteria below, with the exception of the administrative and accountability criteria.

  1. The proposal satisfies the following accountability criteria:

  2. The proposal satisfies the following administrative components:

  3. The proposal satisfies the following hydrologic components:

  4. The proposal satisfies as many of the following biological components as possible:

  5. The proposal fully explores the innovative components:

  6. The proposal satisfies the monitoring components: 1

  7. The proposal provides a watershed context: 2

1 The proposal should describe the monitoring protocols that will be employed to help determine if the proposed flow increase will have the desired benefit.

2 The proposal should summarize the issues related to watershed health, streamflows, fish and wildlife status and factors presently limiting their abundance and productivity, and generally give background description and justification for the critical nature or importance of completing the proposed project. This context should explicitly include demonstration of consistency of the project with the Northwest Power and Conservation Councilís Fish and Wildlife Program and the appropriate subbasin plan, as applicable.