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The Program

QLEs are welcome to submit proposals for water transactions at any time to the Foundation. The criteria approved by the Independent Scientific Review Panel in Section 1 below should be considered in developing the transaction proposal. A proposal form has been included in Section 2 for QLEs to use in submitting a transaction proposal. It would be helpful to NFWF if the QLE included a specific cover letter to the proposal that addresses the information in the proposal form, especially if there are criteria that cannot be met due to site-specific circumstances. For additional clarification, please contact Andrew Purkey.

Section 1: Criteria to be used in evaluating transaction proposals.
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Section 2: Proposal form for QLEs to use in submitting a transaction proposal to the Foundation for consideration.
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Section 3: Bonneville Power Administration water survey form to be completed and submitted with any conservation easement proposed for BPA funding.